Fitness Entertainment activities for your venue and conferences

We can assist in bringing you unique cutting edge Fitness Entertainment activities for your venue and conferences. Give your conference attendees something to remember by hosting a Fitness Entertainment themed activity and help fill your events. They will want to come back to your event next time.

Zumba Event

Zumba named Inc. Magazine’s Company of the Year

Global Dance Fitness featuring since 2002 can provide you fun fitness entertainment activities…contact us to book your event!


Take a Zumba Class

Are you looking for a Zumba class?  Can you sweat, have fun, and burn calories all at the same time? You can at a Zumba fitness class.   There’s a Zumba class for everyone, no matter what age or level of experience.

Click here of a schedule of Zumba classes.


Zumba® Fitness on the Lake or Anywhere

The great thing about Zumba is that it can come to you!  Sure doing Zumba in a studio is fun.  But it’s also fun outside!

See here where Janet Ackerman leads a Zumba on the lake in the park.  A great workout and an awesome time!